At Specialist Carpentry we offer the following services:

  • Residential, boat/marine fitting, office/shop fitting and commercial.
  • Energy efficient design and construction..
  • Complete design and construction applications with sub ordinance criteria being achieved.
  • Amicably engage all associated trades/companies and applicators for assured quality.
  • Supervision over all personel and projects.
  • Established/Licenced trading with a wide field of quality companies ensures excellent end products.
  • Attention to fine finish and detailing.
  • Prompt response to all enquires.
  • Obligation free quotations and consultations.
  • Exacting contract requirements.
  • Standard, select, engineers and exotic gradings will all be catered for. Site applications/requirements relaxations encompassed.
  • Professional attitude towards clientele and projects. Carpentry is an art form, and your concepts will only ever be bought to life by an "artisan".